We understand how furniture adds quality and comfort to your home.  Our goal is to help you find the furniture and accessories that will define your home and who you are, while creating an inviting space for friends and family.  Furniture is personal — it’s personality.  We want you to have the enjoyment of seeing your spaces come together without all the work involved.  If redecorating isn’t your thing, then don’t worry we’ll do the shopping for you.

Why Us?

Flaire Design is family owned and operated.  The main constituents are sisters with a passion for furniture and design.  We love the design process and love to do it for our customers who want to recreate their spaces but are not sure how to undertake such a task.  Together we have renewed over 500 pieces of furniture, organized several furniture events, helped furnish the Boise Guest House and helped hundreds of people add a little Flaire to their life.