Design Board

We offer a design board service for people who just need a little inspiration to get started with their own room redesign.  Our design board service includes up to two hours of onsite planning and two boards with inspiration furniture and design elements.

If you want a little more actionable information we will also source each piece for you, along with pricing.

Room Design

Our love of furniture has come full circle. We not only love renewing furniture but we love to renew rooms. Our talent for finding and renewing furniture helps us keep the costs low for you. We are extremely thrifty and talented when it comes to make-overs.

Room transformations are fun and we love to do them. We love to mix the old with the new to create a nice modern contemporary style that’s functional for our clients.

We start with what you have and go from there. We will work with any budget to help you achieve the room you want. We’re all about recycled pieces of furniture; either yours or someone else’s. But if you want new then we are on board with that too

Home Staging

Flaire Design can help you get your home sold faster and at a better price.  Furniture staging and design help sell your home to prospective buyers because they get a better idea of what the space could look like when they move in.  Likewise, they get a better feel for the scale of furnishings in the room, which sets expectations.  

Our Story

Flaire Furniture was founded in 2006 after a few successful furniture sales events.  At inception the focus of the company was to buy and rehabilitate old furniture to give it a new life.  Using Flaire’s inventory of eclectic pieces the company moved into home staging, which ultimately led to designing rooms in houses that weren’t for sale.  Flaire broke into room design at the Boise Guest House where there were multiple rooms that even now occasionally need adjustments for specific tenants.  The room design work has grown to be Flaire’s primary product offering, but we haven’t lost sight of our furniture roots.

Today the company consists of sisters who each have a unique contribution to the overall design product.  To learn more about the team go to the About page.